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Our Baptism Policy

Baptism marks the start of a journey of life in Christ. It symbolizes joining the body of Christ and finding the joys of a life empowered by the Holy Spirit. At Old Church we believe that baptism is a gift freely offered to all who desire it.

At Old Church, we are delighted to baptise anyone who requests it, irrespective of age. However, it is our responsibility to baptise only those living within the parish or who are regular church attenders. Where parents or adult candidates are neither resident in the parish nor regular attenders, we will refer them to their local parish church. For children, parents have to be willing to make the requisite promises on their child’s behalf.

Where parents are infrequent in their church attendance, suitable preparation for baptism will be offered. This often involves home visits at a time suitable for the candidates. Old Church has a Pastoral Care Team that offers support to the Vicar and the family in their preparation, rehearsal and during the service. Although the first contact may be with the Vicar, it is usually members of the Team that are involved in home visits.

Baptism services are usually held on one Sunday a month, at 10.15 during the main Sunday service. This is to allow the church family to participate and welcome the newly baptized. Attendance at future church services will be strongly encouraged.

If you would like to discuss either infant or adult baptism, please use the form on the Contact page, or speak directly to The Reverend Deb Buckley or to either Christine Tanner, 0121 544 4626 or Wendy Sorby, 07 582 930 315.

For more information about baptism (christening) in the Church of England click here.

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