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We are always ready to support and visit in God's grace when people are seriously ill and after any death. If you wish to talk to us about a funeral, please speak to The Reverend Deb Buckley or get in touch via our Contact page.

We are also always ready to be involved in funeral services for anyone who lives in the parish of Old Church or has strong local connections. It is part of our duty as the Church of England in this place. Anyone who lives in the parish of Old Church has the right to have their funeral service in church, if that is what they want. They do not have to have a strong recent church connection.

Within the broad framework of a funeral service, we would be delighted to include memories and tributes from family and friends. The clergy would be pleased to read these for you, if that is what you would prefer. You will need to discuss details of the service with the minister taking the funeral. Please note that fees are payable in connection with the different aspects of funeral services. You'll find the details here.

To learn more about the structure and content of a funeral service in the Church of England, click here. You will find further useful information on these websites:

Funerals in the Church of England
Funerals in the Diocese of Birmingham

What to do first

In arranging a funeral, you should first contact a funeral director. On this page you will find links to those funeral directors in the vicinity of Old Church. They will discuss your requirements, give advice where necessary, and contact Old Church to arrange a convenient time and place. The funeral service may be at Old Church, if that is your wish, or at a crematorium. Burial or cremation will follow; cremated remains can, if you wish, be buried at a later date.

Apart from existing family graves and where there is room, Old Church churchyard is full and burials cannot be held there. However, there are graveyards close to the church; your funeral director can advise about this. For those with close links to Old Church, there is limited room for the interment of ashes in our churchyard.

The Dorothy Parkes Centre, adjacent to Old Church, could be available for those who wish to arrange a reception after the service. Please enquire on 0121 558 2998. You will find further contact details on the Centre's website.

Local Funeral Directors

Brain & Waldron
Uplands House
96 Cemetery Road
West Midlands
B67 6BG
0121 558 9601

Stephen M Godber Funerals
278 High Street
West Midlands
B66 3NL
0121 555 5529

Trinity Funeral Services
Church Hill Street
West Midlands
B67 7AH
0121 558 3242

Roberts & Brain
95-99 Three Shires Oak Rd
West Midlands
B67 5BT
0121 429 5231

Henley Funeral Directors
Emily House
5 Warley Road
West Midlands
B68 9RZ
08000 566 564

W.H Scott & Son
426 Rotton Park Road
West Midlands
B16 0LA
0121 558 8801

Sorting out the paperwork

You normally need to register a death within five days. You will find full details of how to do this here. You will find further advice including help with funeral planning on this page.

All Souls' Day

Old Church holds two special remembrance services on or around 2nd November, All Souls' Day. There are two services because Old Church is small and the attendance is often too large for a single service. This is a particular time, Hallowtide, to remember and pray for deceased family members and friends. Some people visit the graves of dead family or friends on All Souls’ Day.

The times of the services can be found on the Diary page from September onwards.

Online help

Bereavement Advice Centre
Facing Bereavement
Cruse Bereavement Care

Further information

Church of England Funerals

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