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To find out more about any of the activities listed below, please call the organiser named here, or send a message clearly marked for their attention via our Contact page. For occasional activities, you will find details of times and places on the Diary page or by clicking here.

The Dorothy Parkes Centre is just across the road from Old Church; it is a project of Old Church. Many of the church activities take place in the Centre. The Dorothy Parkes Centre has rooms and halls available for hire, for use with children’s parties, with weddings and wherever people wish to meet and be sociable. The Centre holds regular classes in areas as diverse as Dog Training and Karate. If you need a space or would be interested in developing your skills and interests, look at the Dorothy Parkes website.

Old Church is proud of its peal of bells as well as those who ring them for regular services as well as weddings and on special occasions. Old Church ringers ring in other churches in the Diocese and around the country; we welcome visitors to ring at Old Church. Those new to bell-ringing but who might be interested in finding out more would be most welcome. Practices are held every Thursday at 7.45 and Sundays at 9.45. For more information, contact Steve Horton via our Contact page.

Table fellowship is an important aspect of the social life at Old Church. Such social and fundraising activities include an Old Church Festival and Flower Festival in June and the Extravaganza in July, often a BBQ for Corpus Christi, and a Harvest Supper. In addition, Old Church organises regular sales to collect money to donate to good causes. These have included Jumble and Table Top sales as well as a Christmas Fayre. There are occasional concerts and social gatherings to eat, drink and enjoy each other’s company. Look at our Diary page to see what is coming next. For more information or with suggestions for activities, contact Deb Buckley on 0121 558 1763 or via her contact form. For occasional activities including the One World Cafe, look at either the Diary page or Smethwick Old Church What's On 2018 for times and places.

Discoverers offers an opportunity for fellowship, the occasional meal and coach trips to interesting places not too far from Smethwick. We are always interested in suggestions for new places to visit, so if you have been somewhere recently, a museum, craft centre, canal trip, garden centre, and would recommend it, then the Discoverers would love to hear from you. Look at our Diary page to see what is coming next. For more information or with suggestions for activities, contact Christine Tanner on 0121 544 4626 or via her contact form.

All ages are welcome to the occasional Fellowship Walk. Walks are planned for Sunday afternoons within reasonable distance of Old Church in order to be back in time for Evening Prayer. Bring only a strong pair of shoes or boots as well as wet weather clothing. We move at the speed of the slowest! Look at our Diary page to see what is coming next or consult Smethwick Old Church What's On 2018. For more information, contact Paul Martin on 0121 554 2731 or via his contact form.

Old Church is proud of its building, recently repainted and with gleaming chandeliers. We take pride in the beauty of the building, a centre for prayer and worship for approaching 300 years. At appropriate times, Old Church is decorated with flowers with special arrangements at times of church festivals. There is a rota for flower arranging. If you interested in contributing to this creative work which adds to the quality of our worship, please contact Sheila Weston, 0121 533 9535.

Old Church is proud to contribute food to Foodbank, based at the Parish of the Resurrection, Holy Trinity, as well as to Brushstrokes, a community project working for the poor of the community, based at the Parish Church of St Philip Neri (Roman Catholic). The number of people asking help from this Foodbank has quadrupled since its opening and Old Church contributes to the store of tinned fruits, vegetables, fish and meat as well as other essential food needs. Items are collected on Sundays and taken to Holy Trinity. Look at our Diary page (News & Events panel) to see what foods are urgently required. If you would like to do more than contributing food, including helping to distribute food parcels at Holy Trinity Foodbank as well as collections of food donations at local supermarkets, then please contact Liz Goss on 0121 429 6022 or via Michael Goss's contact form.

If you are over 55 years of age (and no one is counting) and free on Friday afternoons, then the Good Afternoon Club may be for you. A weekly subscription of £2 entitles you to tea and biscuits every week, a ploughman's lunch or fish and chips every two months, a Christmas meal, and a visit to the pantomime. There are quizzes. bingo, dancing and singing, outings to different places and good company. And you will receive flowers and a card for your birthday. Several members of the Old Church family belong to the club, so why not ask about joining at church or at the Dorothy Parkes Centre during the week?

If you are interested in writing of all sorts and not necessarily writing with a religious focus, then you are most welcome at the meetings of the Light Reading Group. Look at our Diary page to see what is coming next. For more information, contact Judy Eynon, 0121 421 2080.

Old Church is delighted to welcome all on Tuesday afternoons, 2.00 p.m. - 4.00 p.m. Feel free to come in for prayer, a chat, to admire the building and its windows, have a drink and perhaps to join in with a creative activity For more information, contact Joyce Jones, 0121 565 3629 and please do not leave without taking one of our Old Church Welcome Packs.

At 2.30 p.m. on the last Thursday of each month, we meet in church to pray for about half an hour. This is for those who wish to pray informally; it is different in style from the formal prayers of intercession made during the Sunday morning Communion service. Prayers may be silent or spoken aloud. You may just wish to say "Amen" in assent to the prayers of others. We pray together for our ministers, the lay pastoral team, our church's mission, this parish and our nation. We pray in response to the requests for prayer that are pinned to the prayer cushion. Anyone is welcome to come and join us in silent or vocal prayer. For more information please talk with Rosemary Guest or send her a note using our contact form.

From 6 p.m. - 8.00 p.m. on the last Wednesday of each month, Old Church will be open and candlelit. You are invited to take some time out to enjoy the peace and beauty of Old Church. Come in for quiet prayer, company and refreshments. if you wish, you can join in a simple service of night prayer at 7.45 p.m..

We are pleased to sell Fair Trade goods including coffee, tea, biscuits, jams and chocolate as well as cards and gifts at Christmas and Easter. Fair Trade goods are sold after the 10.15 Sunday service in the Dorothy Parkes Centre on the second Sunday of each month. For more information, contact Rosie Eynon. She will pass your message to Rosemary Guest who manages the Traidcraft stall.

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