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Young People & Old Church

We are delighted when young people bring their adults with them to church. The 10.15 service on the second Sunday of each month is devised as all-age worship in which children and adults are invited to stay together for the length of the service. On other Sundays, children of primary school age are invited to join Junior Church with meetings either in church or at the Dorothy Parkes Centre nearby; older children and young adults are invited to join the work of Big Fish.

As Old Church does not always have the necessary space, Junior Church may meet in the Dorothy Parkes Centre, across the road from the church. Big Fish may also meet there but, at different times of year, may be working on the allotments or with social projects. Both groups join the service in Old Church in time for communion or a personal blessing.

Junior Church

Junior Church meets during morning service on every Sunday, either to share the service with parents and carers or with activities in either the Dorothy Parkes Centre or in the church vestry, a part of the church. There are no meetings in August, on Easter Day or Christmas Day. However, we would be delighted to see young people at services during those times, together with their parents of carers.

When meeting in the Dorothy Parkes Centre, children, under supervision, cross the road to the Centre. Children are welcome to bring their adults. However, fully CRB/DBS accredited adults are always present to supervise sessions. With pre-school children, it can be helpful if they bring others with them, to give an extra helping hand. For older children, it is suggested that adults remain in Church and join in the service whilst their children are at Junior Church.

Many of the resources used at Junior Church are created by the adults who take responsibility for the work; we sometimes use commercial resources, including the Roots publications for children. You can see some of these resources on the Roots website.

For more information about what we get up to (and a printable poster), click here. Please contact Terry Breen if you would like more information about Junior Church and its activities.

Big Fish

Big Fish meets during morning service on Sunday mornings as well as at other times in connection with particular projects. If you are not sure about third and fourth Sundays, then look on the Diary page which includes the Sundays when Big Fish meet.

Big Fish is delighted to welcome young people of around secondary school age up to and including those starting work or involved in Further or Higher Education. The group attracts young people of diverse interests. It seeks to find practical outlets for its Christian values by offering help to those less fortunate in the community, through growing food on Big Fish allotments, being available to help those in need with tasks, and contributing to the collections for the Foodbank held at Holy Trinity Church. Please look on the Social page for further information about Foodbank.

The Big Fish young people spend time socialising as Christians, sharing experiences and planning how they, as teenagers, can move forward in faith. They also explore what it means to be a Christian and have lively discussions around current topics that that may affect faith. The group of young people currently attending values the space to chat, to make plans, and to share ideas for future events which include an annual retreat. In recent years, Big Fish members have attended Greenbelt, which describes itself as an arts, faith and justice festival, built on an inclusive and progressive Christian faith. You can find more on the Greenbelt website.

Please contact Terry Breen if you would like more information about Big Fish and its activities.

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